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Tickets on-line can be purchased exclusively on, the only authorized website for the sale of tickets of the Opera season of the Giuseppe Verdi Municipal Theatre of Salerno


1. Tickets purchased cannot be refunded.

2. It is forbidden any form of sale of tickets made by unauthorized people.

3. Each spectator must have the ticket or a regular entry card to show to the theatre staff and must occupy the assigned seat.

4. Please, switch off mobile phones before the shows starts and after each interval.

5. Please, put coats, overcoats, umbrellas, hats, bags, cameras, audio and video equipment in the wardrobe.

6. Photographs (with or without flash) and any kind of audio and video recording are not allowed in the theatre.

7. For any issue or need, the audience is asked to contact the theatre manager or staff.

8. Drinks or foods are allowed exclusively at the bar and should not be introduced in the hall or boxes.

9. According to the present Italian laws, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the theatre.

10. For the first performances it is acceptable a dark suit. Gentlemen are asked to attend all the performances, included those in the afternoon, dressed in suits.

11. To those who do not wear proper clothing will be refused entry to the theatre.