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Tra palco e realtà ("Between stage and reality")

Tra palco e realtà ("Between stage and reality")

Il Verdi va a scuola… la scuola va al Massimo” ("The Verdi goes to school…the school goes to the Theatre") is a project of the Artistic Direction of the “Giuseppe Verdi” Municipal Theatre of Salerno, designed and supervised by Rosalba Lo Iudice.

Addressed to public high school students, the project consists of an intensive programme of music education, to better understand and appreciate the great show of Opera, Music and Ballet.

The day before the dress rehearsal, the students from high schools in Salerno, through the illustration of the master Francesco Aliberti, know the characters and the plot of the opera that is going to be staged at the Verdi Theatre and meet the conductor and/or the stage director. The events concludes with the interpretation of the main “arie” by some members of the Chorus of the Opera House in Salerno.

Height of the project is "Tra palco e realtà”: the day of the dress rehearsal young people and journalists meet the conductor and the interpreters of the opera. The event - moderated by journalist Peppe Iannicelli – on one hand gives the students the opportunity to ask questions and know the world of the theatre from another perspective; on the other hand it allows journalists to conduct interviews and presentations of the performance.

At the end of the debate, the audience can attend for free the dress rehearsal of the show. At the sound of the bell, the focus shifts: the curtain falls and we shift from the reality to the magic of the stage.

The project leader, designed and managed in collaboration with the Rete di scuole (Schools network), established under article n. 7, paragraphs 2 and 9 of the Presidential Decree 08/03/1999 n. 275, is the Istituto Professionale di Stato per i servizi alberghieri e della ristorazione “R. Virtuoso” in the person of headmaster Gianfranco Casaburi.
Other middle and high schools taking part in the project are:
Istituto superiore statale liceo “Alfano I”;
Istituto statale d’arte “F.Menna”;
Liceo “Regina Margherita”;
I.T.A.S. “S. Caterina da Siena”;
I.T.I.S. “B. Focaccia”.